Student Leadership 2017/2018

Note: Each table (Student Leadership – Band, Student Leadership – Guard, and Tri M Officers)  have their own search box.

Student Leadership – Band

Band Name
Drum Major Alex Delperdang
Drum Major Carly Stock
Drum Major Noah Stodder
Band Captain Sam White
Asst. Drum Major Jake Buchen
Asst. Drum Major Julian Quevedo
Drum Captain Noah Stodder
Brass Captain Anthony Rojas
Woodwind Captain Maito Kono
Band Sergeant Pearl Saffery
Drum Sergeant Noah Stodder
Brass Sergeant Anthony Rojas
Brass Sergeant Logan Ramos
Woodwind Sergeant Maito Kono
Woodwind Sergeant Dominique Malgeri
Equipment Manager Noah Stodder
Asst. Equipment Manager Matthew Lee
Asst. Equipment Manager Collin Landry
Asst. Equipment Manager Olivia Webster
Uniform Manager Sofia Gonzalez
Asst. Uniform Manager Kimberly Salazar
Asst. Uniform Manager Olivia Webster
Flute Section Leader Dominique Malgeri
Clarinet Section Leader Skyler Coleman
Alto Sax Section Leader Pearl Saffery
Tenor Sax Section Leader Albert Turner
Asst. Tenor Sax Section Leader Ellis Pitzele
Low WW Section Leader Taylor Heredia
Trumpet Section Leader Michele Cheaure
Mellophone Section Leader Alex Delperdang
Trombone Section Leader Christian Umemura
Baritone Section Leader Anthony Rojas
Tuba Section Leader Jake Buchen
Battery Section Leader Noah Stooder
Pit Section Leader Lily Funakoshi

Student Leadership – Guard -TBA by Sammie at a later date

Guard Name
Guard Captain
Guard Captain
Asst. Guard Captain
Asst. Guard Captain
Asst. Guard Captain
Equipment / Uniform Manager
Equipment / Uniform Manager

Tri M Officers

Tri M Officers Name
President Maya Moggia
Vice President Alina Kim
Secretary Rhyan Borden
Treasurer James Tarwater
Librarian Supervisor Sam White
Librarian Supervisor Alex Delperdang
Head Librarian Grace Buchen
Librarian Michele Cheaure
Librarian Isabella Cordero
Librarian Taylor Heredia
Librarian Alina Kim
Librarian Alyson Rochlin
Teacher Assistant Eliana Pomfret
Teacher Assistant Sarah Mazur
Historian Logan Haga
Asst. Historian Sofia Gonzalez
Dance Guard Rep TBD
Dance Guard Rep TBD