2018-2019 Jazz Band Class Lists (Jazz A and Jazz B)

Dara Rochlin

Congratulations 2018-2019 Jazz Bands

Note for Jazz B: if your name appears as an alternate that means you will not be performing in festivals. If anyone indicated as a Saxophone alternate, there is the option to play Bari Sax since no one auditioned for that position. Priority given to order of alternates. If a member in the jazz band misses a performance then the alternate will take their spot for the rest of the school year.


Jazz Band A

Last Name First Name Instrument
Bailey Seth Trombone
Caceros Alex Bass
Carmona Brandon Saxophone
Cheaure Michele Trumpet
Coleman Skyler Clarinet
Hoffman Calvin Piano
Kauffman Jonathan Guitar
Le Neveu Gabe Guitar
Lucas Matthew Drum Set
Mazur Sarah Trumpet
Moreno Christian Tenor Sax
Pomfret Eliana Trumpet
Rochlin Alyson Flute
Saffery Pearl Saxophone
Sears Aidan Saxophone
Shor Sara Trumpet
Stephanoff Miya Tenor Sax
Swafford Louis Trumpet
Tarwater James Trombone
Umemura Christian Trombone
Webster Olivia Trombone



Jazz Band B

Last Name First Name Instrument
Asgharzadeh Kian Piano
Bailey Julian Bass
Berger Gabe Saxophone (1st Alternate)
Biebl Ella Clarinet
Cielak Sofia Saxophone (2nd Alternate)
Cipolla Blake Trumpet
Cooperstein Sunny Tenor Sax
Galimi Logan Drum Set
Gaspar Laszlo Bass
Goeminne Chrostophe Clarinet / Tenor Sax (Alternate)
Homer Teresa Trombone
Illes Logan Trumpet
Kenney Dylan Trumpet
Latimore Christopher Trumpet
Lenhard Jeffrey Trumpet
McCarthy Colin Trombone
Olson Chrissa Saxophone (3rd Alternate)
Polanco Jose Jr. Drum Set
Vitt Andrew Alto Sax
Warstadt Christopher Tenor Sax
Wood Ethan Alto Sax


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