Tuesday, June 12th : 2018-2019 Mandatory Band & Guard Meeting (Incoming Freshmen, New and Returning Parent Meeting)

Dara Rochlin

Mark your calendars NOW
for Tuesday, June 12th
at 6:30 pm!

join us at the

2018-2019 Mandatory Band & Guard meeting in the Auditorium

Come find out about the Fall Field Show, including key dates for Mandatory Summer Band and Guard Camp, School Rehearsal Days and Competition Dates. We will also share the fair share budget.

Be sure to tell all your friends who want to be in band/guard about this meeting!

6:30 pm Pizza to be served

7:00 pm Incoming Freshman & Leadership Social

7:00 pm All New and Returning Parent Meeting

7:30 pm Meeting concludes / Q & A session

RUHS Band & Guard programs have a place for everyone.

Join us and create the soundtrack for your high school memories!!


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