Message from Our Band Director re: FAIRSHARE and FUNDRAISING

Dara Rochlin

Thank you very much for your support of our incredible music and dance programs at Redondo. Your fundraising efforts and contributions are used to pay for our competition fees, props and equipment needed for our competitions, and MOST IMPORTANTLY to help pay for the support staff, such as Sammie, Alan, Erika, Loren, etc…. for our competitive ensembles. Please help us reach our goal to help us fundraise for instruments and equipment we need for our growing program.

In the past two fall semesters we have not had any amount of money available in our account because all of our operating costs have to be covered by the many fundraisers we do. My first fall semester we had about $30k and my second fall here we had about $16 available to purchase much needed instruments.

Please help us reach our goal through the suggested contributions for each ensemble so that our fundraising efforts can be put toward purchasing the instruments and equipment we desperately need for our program. With a larger band we need to have a more balanced sound and need to fortunately/unfortunately purchase larger instruments that families don’t tend to own.


Mr. Vizcarra


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