Booster Board Elections 2018-2019 – We Want You to Lead

Dara Rochlin
  • Are you interested in seeing the RUHS Band and Dance Guard program continue to succeed in the future?
  • Do you understand that a strong Booster organization helps ensure continued success on the marching field and on the stage?
  • Do you understand that the students associated with the fine arts program perform better in the classroom and on standardized tests?

Help BE THE REASON why the RUHS Band and Dance Guard is an award-winning State Championship program in the state of California!

Don’t sit by and let other people drive the direction of the RUHS Band Boosters. Come jump in the game and lead!

Dear RUHS band and dance guard family,

It is that time of year again to elect our 2018-2019 RUHS Band & Dance Guard Booster Board.

Each of us support the RUHS Band and Guard Boosters and we appreciate your time and talents to support our award-winning program. As a 501(c)3 organization, we do have an elected board that requires us to vote on it annually. Have a willingness to serve?

Below is a list of the Executive Board positions to be considered for the ballot, along with a description of their duties:

The President shall supervise, direct, and control the business, activities, affairs and the officers of the Corporation, and preside at all Board meetings. will be the liaison with the School and coordinate with representatives for dance guard, drum line and others that are identified. The President will also coordinate with the FaceBook administrator, website administrator and volunteer coordinator as necessary. The President will communicate with the Booster membership throughout the year about the Booster activities and request for help.

VP, Operations
The VP of Operations will coordinate the setup/take down for football games, coordinate the first aid stations at the rehearsathons, oversee the field show prop committee, coordinate with the uniform manager, support the hosted festivals, and manage the instrument inventory and maintenance.

VP, Hospitality
The VP of Hospitality will coordinate the food/snacks at the field shows, spring competitions, annual rehearsathon BBQ, winter mini-banquet, and year-end banquet. The person will also assist at the football games in providing water and snacks.

VP, Fundraising
The VP of Fundraising will identify and coordinate the fundraising activities that may include Middle School Summer Camp, Jazz Under the Stars, fair share fundraisers, and other large scale fundraisers to benefit the program.

VP, Marketing
The VP of Marketing will promote the RUHS Band and Guard program through the school and the local community and work with school administration to communicate about program activities and achievements.

The Secretary shall keep a book of minutes of all meetings, proceedings, and actions of the Board, or committees of the Board. The minutes of the meetings shall include the time and place of holding, whether the meeting was general or special and, if special, how authorized, the notice given, the names of those present at Board and committee meetings.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) shall have charge of all financial management of the Corporation. Monthly, the chief financial officer will present statements to the president and to the Board, annually, present the annual budget, annually file appropriate federal and state tax documentation with The Internal Revenue Service and California State Franchise Tax Board. The CFO will also record fair share and fundraising to account summary and distribute.


Active Members.
Any family member of a student currently enrolled in one of the Redondo Union High School Bands or Dance Guard programs, who is at least eighteen (18) years of age and is not a RBUSD employee is eligible to become an active member of this Corporation. Active members shall have the exclusive right to vote at all meetings of the members and entitled to be nominated and elected by the membership to hold office. Each student may be represented by no more than one vote. Active members representing more than one student are entitled to present votes representing each student.

Associate Members.
Anyone who is at least eighteen (18) years of age interested in supporting the Corporation may become an associate member of this Corporation. RBUSD band and dance guard staff and family members who are district employees are considered associate members. Associate members do not have the right to vote for the election of Directors or upon any other matter and shall not be put up for nomination for the position of an officer of this Corporation. Associate members shall, however, be eligible and encouraged to serve on committees and otherwise volunteer.

See the attached document (BOD positions 1819) for a description of the roles and a candidate statement form.

Download the Board Positions / Candidate Statement Form:
BOD positions 1819

Solicit candidate statements – deadline April 6
Election Period – April 16 to April 27 (via online survey)

Questions, please direct to Nominating Committee: 
Margaret Moggia –
Sybilla Turner –

Please fill out the document and email to Margaret or Sybilla.

Thank you!!

Christina Guard
RUHS Band Booster President, 2017-18




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