Saturday, Nov. 11th CSBC Semi-Finals @ El Modena High School [Orange, CA]

Dara Rochlin

The Road to Finals begins at Semis…


3920 E. Spring Street
Orange, CA 92869


Eat before you come to school!

NOTE: Band Boosters will be serving Dinner to the students

Come UNIFORM READY ( NO makeup or nail polish. Hair SHAKO Ready. Compression shirt, compression shorts, black socks. Remember your gloves and shoes.)

1:30 PM On the field rehearsal. But no instruments just visual with jackets shakos and drill.

Call Time: 2:30 pm at the Band Room.

Depart: 3:15pm

Arrive: 4:30 pm (approx).

Pit Gate 7:53 pm

Band Gate: 7:59pm

Perform: 8:03 pm

6A Finals Announcement – 9:30 pm

Pick-up: Midnight (Time approximate) Please have your student text or call you when we are exiting the freeway.

Remember, they have to return uniforms when they get back.

Also, UNLOADING CREW will take longer than other students to be done.




VIP Spectator Parking is available on the 2nd entrance of the main lot (off of Spring St.) for $10.

Handicapped Parking is also available on the 2nd entrance of the main lot (off of Spring St.)


Adult: $15.00

Student/Senior: $10.00 **Students / Seniors (over 65) must present valid Identification.

Everyone attending this event (and all field shows) will be required to purchase a ticket.  Bus chaperones, drivers, prop, and Pit Crew MAY receive free admission (if the venue allows this), but all other volunteers will definitely need to purchase tickets if they want to watch the show and/or awards.

Don’t forget to Pre-BUY your SEMI-FINALS tickets at:
for SEMI FINALS 1A, 2A, and 6A. (EL MODENA HIGH SCHOOL). Purchase your tickets NOW and skip the lines at the ticket booth!



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