Saturday, Sept. 30th – First Competition of the Year – West High School, Torrance

Dara Rochlin

Hello Band and Guard Families,

Our FIRST COMPETITION is this Saturday, September 30th at West High School – 20401 Victor St, Torrance, CA 90503! There is no bus transport for this event. Students are to be dropped off at West High School at the designated call time – 4:30 pm. Students are requested to eat a healthy lunch prior to arrival and to bring food or money in case they get hungry later. Apply sunblock and bring a light jacket for later in the evening. We will leave West after the awards.


West High School
Fred Peterson Stadium
20401 Victor St.
Torrance, CA 90503

$8 Adults
$5 Seniors and students with ID
Children five and under: free!
Programs $4



Band Students will be picking up their uniforms, shakos & shoes from band room Friday, September 29th after practice.

Band Students are to arrive uniform ready (no: jewelry, makeup, hair gel, or nail polish. Hair, shako ready. Compression shirts, black socks, and marching shoes.

Monday morning, October 2nd –  zero period will be in band room.  Please bring uniform, shako & shoes to zero period Monday.


West Comp Schedule

1:30: Load the trailer (Loading Crew)

4:00: Loading Crew departs for West


4:30: Call Time AT WEST (in uniform, DON’T FORGET BLACK SOCKS) 🙂

4:45: Stretching/Music Warm Up

5:20: Full Ensemble

5:50: Front Ensemble break down; prep to move winds and tune

6:05: Front Ensemble Pushes

6:20: Walk

6:35: Gate

6:45: Performance

7:00: Wrap-up

7:15: Begin Loading

7:45: Awards

8:15: Finish Loading (Loading Crew will be going back to school to unload)

8:45: Pick up from West

Please sign up to help us make our first competition successful for the students!  Sign up can be found at SIGN UP GENIUS:

We still need:

  • Loading Water and Supplies before the Competition at RUHS
  • Fruit donations of Apples, Bananas, and Cuties (little oranges)
  • Snack & Water Crew at West High Bus Area
  • Plume Crew at West High Bus Area
  • Pit Crew at West High Bus Area
  • Recycle Water bottles (and redeem for the $$)
  • Laundering Cuffs and Gloves (after the competition)
  • Unloading tables, water, etc. (after the competition)



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