August 2017 Mandatory Band and Guard Camp

Dara Rochlin

THE AUGUST BAND AND GUARD CAMP TIMES are on the calendar from Mr. Vizcarra. Please pay close attention, and check often, as things are fluid.


  •  Students will go to their REGISTRATION at their assigned times. Make sure you are first in line to register.
  • “Everyone” = ALL Band and Guard. (To differentiate from Tuesday, August 15 which is split)


…Tuesday, August 15… 
Freshmen and New Members ONLY 9am – 5pm
Returning Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors 1:30pm – 5pm

**Marching Band and Guard Freshmen and 1st year Marching Band students need to be there in the morning on Tuesday and will go to 5 pm. Everyone else will be from 1:30 pm to 5 pm (after lunch)***

…Wednesday, August 16…
Senior Registration

Everyone 9am – 5:00pm

…Thursday, August 17…
Junior Registration

Everyone 9am – 5:00pm

…Friday, August 18…
Sophomore Registration

Everyone 1pm – 9:00pm

…Monday, August 21…
Freshmen Registration

Everyone 9am – 5:00pm

…Tuesday, August 22…
Makeup Registration

Everyone 9am – 5:00pm

…Wednesday, August 23…

Everyone 9am – 5:00pm

…Thursday, August 24…

Everyone 9am – 5:00pm

…Friday, August 25…

Freshmen Orientation 8am – 12 Noon

Everyone 1pm – 9:00pm

…Saturday, August 26…


Everyone 1pm – 9:00pm


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