Angel Bins Fundraiser – Save Your Shoes!

Dara Rochlin

Start cleaning out your closet … have shoes you haven’t donated yet? – Indoor Drumline has you covered!

Note: Shoes will be picked up by Angel Bins on April 19th at 9 a.m.

Please drop them at the band room, or in the office by Ms. Jennifer Gabriel’s office in the red bins by April 14th.

Mixed Shoe Drive  

Collect gently-used shoes. All sizes and types of shoes accepted, except ski boots and golf shoes.

Shoes need to be in gently used or new condition. Shoe must be clean, with no holes, no tears, and good soles in pairs.

We will earn 0.45 -0.55 cents per pound based on how much you collect.


2,500 pounds @ 0. 55 cents= $1,375;

2,499 lbs or less @ 0.45 cents


What happens to the shoes we collect?

The shoes collected are sent to our Los Angeles Warehouse where they are processed to be shipped abroad. They are sent to countries in South America and Africa where there is a great need for low cost quality footwear.


Questions? Contact Jackie Ealy at


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