Wednesday, Nov. 16- Indoor Percussion Ensemble – Mandatory Student / Parent information meeting

Dara Rochlin

Hello everyone!

There will be a MANDATORY student/parent information meeting for our indoor percussion ensemble on

Wednesday, November 16th
7:00p in the field house
(room near the visitor bleachers/restrooms) at the field.

We will be discussing the season, goals, show sites, complete rehearsal schedule, breakdown of costs, and different this year, unveiling the show concept and theme and playing the show for you. For those of you who attended last years, I believe all your questions are generally answered by the end of the night. For those new parents and members, come by and learn what it is we do second semester .

Remember, this is a MANDATORY meeting and students who do not have a parent present will not be evaluated for the ensemble until we’ve had a meeting together. There is too much info that needs to get to parents. This is a great activity and tons of fun, but it is a commitment and it’s important for parents to know what they’re in for.

Below is our casting call:

Required to be in the 1st period class
Snare 2-3
Tenor 2-3
Bass 4-5
Cymbal 4-5
Mallets (marimba, vibe, bells, xylo) 7
Drumset 1
Synth 2-3

Not required to be in the 1st period class
Visual ensemble/prop movers 6
Possible Tom drum line 4-5
Guitar 1
Bass guitar 1
Auxiliary percussion 2-4

Specific for this show, we are looking for three dancers, female, one in the high school already, another who is of younger age or looks younger (around middle school aged, and another at an even younger age (around 10years old). All three must look alike (different aged versions of the same person). The upmost ideal candidate would be someone with dance experience who happens to have two younger sisters who may have some dance experience as well! I realize this is a tall order. We can work it all out, promise 😉 I’m sure there will be questions about this one haha

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Andrew Scott Ramirez


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