UPDATED SCHEDULE :Saturday, Oct. 22- Rehearsathon 2 pm – 9 pm & Band Photos starting 10:30 am

Dara Rochlin

Musical notes 2

Mark Your Calendars!
Saturday, October 22nd from
2 pm*-9 pm at
SeaHawk Stadium



Note: The full Group Picture has been moved to 11:00am. The current time slot for the Group Picture, 12:30pm, will instead host a currently undetermined event. Contact Director Ray Vizcarra for further details.

We are taking the full group band and guard picture tomorrow so it is important for everyone to come and stay after their individual/section pictures for the group shot. If you have an early call time, you may want to bring something to do. We will try to be as efficient as possible and appreciate your patience.

*Note: there will be Band Photos taken at Rehearsathon. The Band Photo schedule is as follows:

Pictures are full uniform. Including hair and black socks. They will have 30 mins from call time to their assigned picture times. Instruments are optional for individuals and not used for the group.

10:30am Call time – Battery, Low Brass, Bassline, Mellos, PIT
11:00am Start taking pictures
11:00am Call time – Clarinets, Alto Sax, Flutes, Tenor Sax, trumpets
11:30am Call time – Dance Guard
12:30pm Group Photo At field
1:00 pm Leadership and Senior photos

Buddy photos will be shot at a later date!


We will begin setting up for pictures at 10:30 am and start taking them at 11 am while still maintaining the staggered picture arrival schedule.

Students will go to lunch after they take their pictures and our rehearsal will begin at 2:00 pm at Sea Hawk Bowl.

First rehearsal block will be from 2:00-5:00 pm.

Dinner is going to be from 5:00-6:00 pm.

Second rehearsal block will be from 6:00-9:00 pm.

Our total rehearsal time is 6 hours.

Please feel free to come and watch the last 20 minutes of our rehearsal.

Mr. Vizcarra

Bring meals with you, or money for meals, this is an all-day event. Band Boosters are NOT providing food for this Rehearsathon.

Also, pay attention to the weather, with the heat wave we are having, stay hydrated throughout the day. 



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