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Dara Rochlin

Thank you for your timely donation.

Please remember to insert your students name in the merchant comments box on the payment screen.

Hi Everyone…

I’ve setup the Paypal Account so you can pay for all of your fall and spring options that way. PLEASE SEND IT via FRIENDS and FAMILY so we don’t have to pay for the fees. Also, in the comment section, please put your student’s name so Margaret can credit you properly.

Here’s how…

FALL 2017 Fees

For Fair Share (Full) of $545

For Fair Share Installments of $109

For Marching Band incoming New Student Package, of $75

MB incoming new student package includes:
Shoes $35
Compression shirt $20
Gloves $10
Socks $10

For Guard Start Up Package of $105

Guard start up package includes:
Gloves $16
Earrings $9
Pom $25
Shorts $15
Tights $15
Lipstick $10
Bag $12
Tape $3

For Guard Team Wear of $195

Guard Team Wear includes:
Jersey $40
Jacket $48
Tank $10
Legging $27
Tennis Shoes $70

For Fieldshow/Winterguard Costume of $75

For Symphonic Red Polo Shirt of $21

Spring 2018 Fees

For Spring Band Competition (Symphonic, Concert, Wind Ensemble)

Note: Spring Band Competition fair share is per student per band (If your child is in two bands, your fair share fee is $60; if your child is in three bands, your fair share amount is $90.) Please pay each band fee individually and put on the memo line which band you are paying for.  Thank you!

For Jazz Band A & B $135

For Spring Dance Team $190

For Spring Dance Team Mandatory Personal Costume Fee (per student) $60

For Spring Dance Team National Competition Fee (per student) $65

For WinterGuard $280

For Indoor Percussion (Drumline) $700


Questions or concerns, contact Margaret Moggia at

Or you can pay with square:  
 OR : send your contribution to RUHS Band and Guard Boosters, PO Box 956, Redondo Beach, CA  90277
or bring to the Administration Building and deliver to Jennifer Gabriel.

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  1. Eliana Pomfret July 18, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    I just made a payment of $109 and forgot to input student name which is for Eliana Pomfret.
    Pat Pomfret


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