August 22-26 Uniform Fittings Help Needed

Dara Rochlin

Next week is the 2nd (and last) week of band camp [August 22-26, 2016]. I echo Sheila’s sentiment to be sure hats and sunscreen are worn. On another note I want to reach out for more uniform fitters. Next week we start fitting the freshman students, many of whom will be done from scratch. Please don’t hesitate to reply to Sarah Findley Cheaure, Jenny Oyama, or myself if you can spare us some of your time to help out.

If you indicated on your volunteer form an interest in helping with uniforms, rest assured I am not overlooking you. The forms have not yet been processed. There will be many times throughout the marching season where we will definitely reach out for assistance. Thank you in advance.

Sybilla Turner
VP of Operations


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