First Comp of the Season at West High – Sep 26, 2015

Dara Rochlin

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Our first competition is the South Bay Invitational at West High in Torrance on September 26, 2015.

West High School, 20401 Victor Street, Torrance, CA 90503

We will not be using buses this day. Students will be dropped off and picked up at West High in Torrance.

Carpools strongly encouraged and please come out and support us at our neighboring school. 🙂

Tournaments are typically an all day event. More details about performance time will be released on Mr. V’s Calendar based on availability which is usually a few days before the competition. We don’t know final schedule until about 3 days before competition since some bands add at the last minute.

Saturday’s weather is going to be warm (high 80s) as such please make sure the students begin to hydrate beginning tonight through Saturday.
Make sure you have some lunch right before you get to West High.
12:00 pm If anyone is available to help with uniforms or loading last minute items please find out from boosters or leadership if help is needed. (also see sign up genius list below, there are many opportunities to help.)
2:20 pm Get dropped off at the corner of Victor and Spencer (West is requesting this for the safety of our students. There will be too much traffic with trucks and buses at the parking lot. They do have cross guards and such for students to go safely into the parking lot we will be meeting in.
2:30 pm Call time at West High on the corner of Del Amo and Victor street
Location: West High 20401 Victor Avenue, Torrance
2:45 pm Begin dressing
3:15 pm Begin stretching
3:25 pm Visual Block
4:00 pm Warm up
5:45 pm Full ensemble run-through of show and last minute sound checks
6:00 pm Pit leaves to band staging
6:10 pm Band and guard leaves to staging
6:30 pm Band performs
7:00 pm Begin Undressing, be aware of to care for your uniform.
7:15 pm Dinner provided by boosters
7:30 pm Go back in to comp and watch other bands and visit concessions at West
9:00 pm Awards Ceremony
9:30 pm Loading truck unless we are done loading
10:00 pm Pep Talk
10:15 pm Begin getting picked up, for those of you on loading crew or anybody else who
can help please come and help at school.
11:00 pm Get picked up for those who are unloading truck at Redondo.
Parents to find parking for watching…it is much easier to park on the North side of Del Amo…same as easier taking your kids home as Victor is often blocked off by police.
Also note that there are many positions needing to be filled for this event, we cannot do it without your help~
Click here to signup for volunteers


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